How it went down the 2019 women’s Royal Rumble match with Becy Lynch the only ‘man’ Standing

The first rule of the game, both legs should not touch outside the ring when eliminated. It was a survival for the fittest play at the 2019 women Royal Rumble match with all the ‘queens’ scuffling to scoop the crown.

In the game that lasted for an hour, eleven minutes and 24 seconds (01:11: 24 hrs) 30 WWE female wrestlers had to fight bravely to ensure that they are not eliminated.

The n0.1 entrant, Lacey Evans raised the curtains to the game alongside  Natalya. However, as it is never the case that ‘front-seaters’ are always winners, she was eliminated by the 13th entrant eliminated by Charlotte Flair.

Although Amber moon pulled out a lot of bravery by hanging onto the ropes in a in a Kofi Kingston-esque manner fighting hard not to be eliminated, She sustained injuries and was later thrown out by Alexa Bliss.

Liv Morgan and Mickie James were the first two be eliminated.

Some superstars like Ember Moon and Naomi used advanced tactics to stay in the game even after being tossed out. These were sure not to let both legs touch the ground, placed them on the barricade and the poles to get back in the ring. Unfortunately, Naomi’s bravery was rubbished by Mandy Rose who eliminated her immediately after re-entering the ring.

Lana’s injury could have been a blessing in disguise because would she have been OK, Becky Lynch, the Royal Rumble winner would not have entered the ring.

Becky Lynch replaced Lana who was supposed to be number 28 in the game.

However, Lynch’s entrance made it a  7-woman Battle with Moon, Flair, Bliss, Bayley, Jax, Carmella.

Luck was with The man, Lynch,  won after 13m and 22 seconds of kicks and tosses.

Check out who eliminated which number in the 2019 women royal rumble match.

Charlotte Flair eliminated the highest number of

#1 Lacey Evans eliminated by Charlotte Flair

#2 Natalya eliminated by Nia Jax

#3 Mandy Rose eliminated by Naomi

#4 Liv Morgan eliminated by Natalya

#5 Mickie James eliminated by Tamina

#6 Ember Moon eliminated by Alexa Bliss

#7 Billie Kay eliminated by Lacey Evans

#8 Nikki Cross eliminated by IIconics

#9 Peyton Royce eliminated by Lacey Evans

#10 Tamina eliminated by Charlotte Flair

#11 Xia Li eliminated by Charlotte Flair

#12 Sarah Logan eliminated by Kairi Sane and Natalya

#13 Charlotte Flair eliminated by Becky Lynch

#14 Kairi Sane eliminated by Ruby Riott

#15 Maria Kanellis eliminated by Alicia Fox

#16 Naomi eliminated by Mandy Rose (after elimination)

#17 Candice Le Rae eliminated by Ruby Riott

#18 Alicia Fox eliminated by Ruby Riott

#19 Katy Catanzaro eliminated by Rhea Ripley

#20 Zelina Vega eliminated by Rhea Ripley

#21 Ruby Riott eliminated by Bayley

#22 Dana Brooke eliminated by Rhea Ripley

#23 Io Shirai eliminated by Nia Jax

#24 Rhea Ripley eliminated by Bayley

#25 Sonya Deville eliminated by Alexa Bliss

#26 Alexa Bliss eliminated by Bayley and Carmella

#27 Bayley eliminated by Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair

#28 Lana never entered the ring and was replaced by Becky Lynch. Becky eventually won the Royal Rumble.

#29 Nia Jax eliminated by Becky Lynch

#30 Carmella eliminated by Charlotte Flair

Facts and Background

The royal Rumble match is is a professional wrestling event, produced every January since 1988 by professional wrestling promotion WWE. It is named after the Royal Rumble match, a battle royal whose participants enter at timed intervals.

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