Facts about WWE ring that you may not know

To many WWE funs, the ring is just an imagination beyond the “borders of the known world”.

Whenever a wrestler slams an opponent with a German suplex, all fans are left ‘mouths open’ gaping and hands on their heads as they scream; “woe”.

Most people ask questions like; how couldn’t s/he break with that entire bang? Isn’t she pretending, that was a tiny blow!

However, the structure and features of the WWE ring partially contribute to the nature of injury that a WWE fighter may incur.

Today, we are going to look how the ring is structured and what materials are used to establish each feature of the ring.

The Ring

An WWE ring in most cases is sized 20 by 20 feet and the cover is raised from the ground by beams 4 feet or higher. 

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Inside the ring

Inside the ring is an outstretched tight foam cover. The cover has the top most thin layer mat with canvas padding.

Immediately underneath the cover is a thin light 1” piece of plywood.

The most important part of the ring, the suspension springs are placed just below the plywood. These cause a bounce-effect whenever a weight is thrown unto them. The springs help superstars to avoid excessive injuries when tossed onto the cover.

After the springs comes the skeletal sheet follows the springs with the steel beams to hold the features of the ring together.

Turnbuckles and ring posts


The steel beams are high and do not only stop from under the cover but go all way up to form the four ringside posts. These are made of thick steel and therefore are padded to avoid severe injuries to the fighters.Image result for the wwe turnbuckles

The turnbuckles help to hold the ring ropes. With the help of common binding and the tension exerted by the superstars make the ropes tighter.

The turnbuckle covers (the ones with the logo) are used to cover these screws and these are heavily cushioned. So basically hitting them would feel like punching a pillow.

The Ropes

These are tied around the ring to demarcate its borders. The ropes are made from strengthening wires which are coated with a layer of foam with a coloured tape and have a lot of tension to give an elastic-effect. The colored tapes help to add a color-effect to the ropes.

Outside the ring

3/4“- thick hard foam mats form the cover of the surface surrounding the ring. This protects the wrestlers from cracking their ribs on the hard concrete beneath. It also covers the barricades which are made of hollow tube-like steel in form of a squared-off fence.

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Chairs and Ladders

Chairs are metallic but not real steel. They are very light to reduce on the damages that they may cause when used as a weapon by wrestlers and also produce a good sound effect.

In some instances metal is used but wrestlers are trained with safety measures to handle such situations.

Ladders are also light metal but are hollow on the inside. This is what causes the ladders to shake violently whenever a wrestler tries to set it up. Even though it is light metal, it hurts like hell if there is enough force.

Tables and other weapons


Tables in the WWE are not like the tables we have at home. The WWE use thin wood or plywood to manufacture these tables, making them easier to break if enough force is used at the centre.

The steel steps near the rings are indeed steel. The big one weighs around 250 pounds and the smaller one weighs around 150 pounds.



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