Black Lightning (Episode 1)

The fictional city of Freeland is plagued with turmoil and ruin nine years after its vigilante superhero mysteriously disappeared on CW’s new series Black Lightning. Though he didn’t exactly disappear.

Instead the titular hero, a.k.a. Jefferson Pierce, shed his superhero identity in hopes of having a “normal” life with his family, free of bloodshed and crime-fighting.

With Black Lightning no longer in the picture, Jefferson was able to become a charter school principal and pillar in the community, promoting education versus vigilantism. Unfortunately, Jefferson plans for normalcy are quickly shot down in the pilot episode when his daughters get tangled up with the 100 gang.

Then, he’s forced to temporarily come out of retirement. But who are the 100 gang on Black Lightning and why is Jefferson so determined to stop them? READ MORE……………………..


Initial release: December 26, 2009 (Moscow)
Directors: Aleksandr Voytinskiy, Dmitriy Kiselev
Screenplay: Alexander Talal, Dmitriy Aleynikov, Rostislav Krivitskiy, Vladimir Neklyudov
Editors: Dmitriy Aleynikov, Aleksandr Andryushchenko, Ilya Lebedev
Music composed by: Aleksandr Voytinskiy, Yuriy Poteenko

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