American Warships

American Warships is a science fiction action film by The Asylum that premiered on the Syfy Channel on May 15, 2012. In the tradition of The Asylum’s film catalog, the film is an extremely cheap mockbuster of the Hasbro/Universal Pictures film Battleship.

Originally the film was titled American Battleship, but Universal later involved The Asylum in a copyright lawsuit over the film due to its resemblance to their film. As a result of the controversy, the name of the film was changed to American Warships.

Alien invaders try to wipe out the human race, and while modern military forces prove useless against the attackers, the crew of a Second World War-era US Navy battleship on the brink of being decommissioned proves mankind’s only hope.


Mario Van Peebles as Captain Winston

Carl Weathers as General McKraken

Elijah Chester as Secretary of Defense Alter

Johanna Watts as Lt. Caroline Bradley

Nikki McCauley as Dr. Julia Flynn

Devin McGhee as Lt. Cmdr. Juarez

Mandela Van Peebles as Lookout Dunbar

Josh Cohen as Weapons Officer Clancy

David Polinsky as Admiral Hollis

Sean Smith as Ensign Von Buttmuncher

William Sudbrock as Helmsman

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